Empowering Excellence: Cman Enterprises – About Us

Introduction– Brief overview of Cman Enterprises
Establishment and Leadership– Recently established
CEO:-Muhammad Ahsaan Naseem
Product Range– Cosmetic Raw Material
– Pharmaceuticals
– Nutraceuticals
– Lab Food
– Beverage Chemicals
– Laboratory glassware
– Research items
Target Audience– Universities: GCUF, UAF, NTU
– Contact emails: “info@cmanenterprises.com” and “cman.92007@gmail.com”
Location and Shipping– Physical address: Main Gate, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad, Pakistan
– Worldwide shipping, with free shipping for orders above 10,000 rupees in Pakistan
Experience and Expertise– Showcase of the company’s experience and expertise in the industry
Global Presence– Highlighting the worldwide shipping facilities
Customer Benefits– Free shipping for orders above 10,000 rupees in Pakistan
– Assurance of quality products and services
University Partnerships– Collaborations with GCUF, UAF, NTU
Contact Information– +923156454007


About Cman Enterprises is an emblem of quality and reliability in a changing world that encompasses pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, lab food, cosmetic raw materials, beverage chemicals, laboratory glassware, and research items. Our CEO, Muhammad Ahsaan Naseem, and we are committed to providing quality service delivery.

Establishment and Leadership:

“Muhammad Ahsaan Naseem is the CEO of Cman Enterprises. He leads by bringing new ideas, caring about customers, and making sure all our products are top in quality.”

Product Range:

We have a wide product range from Cosmetic Raw Materials, Pharmaceuticals, and Nutraceuticals through lab food, beverage chemicals, and laboratory glassware to research items.

Target Audience:

Our top institutes include GCUF, UAF, and NTU and we are honored to provide for them. We can be reached at info@cmanenterprises.com or cman.92007@gmail.com for any inquiries.

Location and Shipping:

We operate from a base in Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad, Pakistan, and service clients globally. Remarkably, our shipping is convenient and affordable. We provide free shipping for orders worth over PKR 10,000 in Pakistan.

Experience and Expertise:

Cman Enterprises is based on a team of experienced people from the pharma and research industry. This is what makes us different from others in quality.

Global Presence:

We are proud to say that Cman Enterprises is a truly global company – with high-quality products in every corner of the planet. Customers access our offerings with ease through our shipping facilities.

Customer Benefits:

Additionally, shopping with us comes with extra advantages. On the other hand customers buying above 10,000 Rs are not charged for shipping in Pakistan. It shows our desire to provide quality service at low prices and ensures that it was the customers’ delight.

University Partnerships:

These include the University of Agriculture (UAF), Government College University of Faisalabad (GCUF), and National Textile University (NTU) among others. This provides us with the opportunity to remain on the cutting edge of what is happening in the business and academia.

CEO’s Message:

We’re all about new ideas, happy customers, and great products. Let’s work together and make amazing things happen.Best,

Muhammad Ahsaan Naseem”

Contact Information:

Contact us for further details at info@cmanenterprises.com or cman.92007@gmail.com. Come visit our office at Main Gate, Jinnah Colony, Faisalabad, PAKISTAN.


When you venture into Cman enterprises you experience superiority, originality, and customer orientation. A newly established company based on visionary leadership, it has committed itself to excellence.